This Week at CoFED

Hello All,

This is the first of many blog posts I will be posting weekly about news on sustainable foods, social justice, co-ops, and CoFED.

This post will be dedicated to explaining our fundraising goals. We are hoping to have 212 monthly donors by April 16th! It is crucial to build a broad base of support from hundreds of people to give these people an opportunity to support a more cooperative and sustainable world. People can do this by donating a small amount of their money to us every month.

Here is what you can do to help! Go to the link below and read the donation amount options, what you receive if you donate, and where your money will go specifically if you donate. Our Founder’s Circle has challenged us with $125,000 in multi-year pledges to get 212 new monthly donors (at $12 per month for one year) by April 16th. Long story short, if we can reach 212 new individuals willing to give monthly, we’ll receive the challenge grant.

Please donate and encourage others to donate as well to support CoFED and the further development of food co-ops and sustainable food systems in the future.




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